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ImVajra Password Manager 1.0

The reliable manager that will manage and remember all the passwords for you
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ImVajra Password Manager is the most efficient and reliable manager that will manage, organize and remember all the passwords, logins, credit card numbers and other vital information for you.
It is the general habit of everyone to protect vital data, web pages or other personal information within passwords and pins that are prone to be forgotten, lost or misused. The case becomes worse when the number of passwords, logins, or other personal information is huge.
To deal with such situation you need a reliable manager that can manage, organize and keep your passwords, logins, credit card numbers and other vital information under privacy.
ImVajra Password Manager with its power and capabilities offers utmost management of all such important passwords and pin numbers. The easy interface and detailed help and support of the tool allows anyone to easily use this tool. The high standard security provided by the tool allows logging in your database with password, USB flash disk or both. The tool also allows generating robust and strong passwords with its built-in password generator.
The list of features supporting the tool is: it can also be installed to flash disks, supports history restore, provides up to 30 rich and customized templates, auto locking of the program, multi-user support with independent database, and quick keyword search option too.

Padma Pardhy
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  • It can also be installed to flash disks, hence can be used on any computer
  • Support built-in password generator
  • Program gets locked when there is no operation for a specified period of time
  • Quick search options
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Business, Enterprise or Ultimate


  • The trial can be used only for 30 runs
  • No support for other languages
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